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Three Tweets Review: Redefining wholesome, with kolachi

Jean Le Boeuf - October 29, 2014

I’d come to the European American Bakery Cafe for a wholesome lunch — the pesto chicken salad, maybe, or a bowl of the pot-pie soup. But that bakery case (that glorious bakery case) got the best of me. It always does. I started with a few kolachi, buttery and nut-filled, then tacked on some chocolate-dipped pizzelles. And a lemon bar, for a, um, friend. Oh, and a salad, of course— to, you know, keep things wholesome.

Three Tweets: An overview of a Southwest Florida eatery in 420 characters (three tweets) or less.

From the News-Press

by Tim Engstrom - October 30, 2014

Michael Savich, owner/general manager of the European American Bakery in Fort Myers, accepts payment through the LevelUp and will be launching the bakery's own branded payment app based on the LevelUp system. He said he hopes to add Apple Pay in the months ahead.

Users launch the app to use LevelUp, which uses a reader on the register to scan a QR code. The app also allows customers to receive coupons and frequent buyer discounts.

"Our customers like it because it is fast and simple," Savich said. "I like technology, and I like to be out in front with it."

Kevin Lipscomb, owner of Jack's Collision Center in Fort Myers, said he uses the LevelUp app nearly every day when he visits the bakery next door.

"It's just fast and really neat technology," Lipscomb said. "You don't have to pull out your credit card and pass it to anyone."

He said he also likes that the app has an integrated tip calculator and will add a tip at a touch of the screen.

"As a small business owner, I like that that he (Savich) is staying ahead of the technology," Lipscomb said. He said he considered using mobile payment for his own business, but customers typically visit too infrequently to make it worthwhile.

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