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Bakery Fresh

It’s not just our mantra, it’s our mission. Food should taste good and be good. Natural ingredients such as real vanilla and butter in our pastries make all the difference. Slicing and dicing vegetables and meats fresh daily, breads proofed and baked every morning…that’s what we’re all about. For over 45 years, that’s our commitment.


Do we need to say more? Everything tastes better with bacon. That’s why we chose our thicker cut, applewood smoked bacon, perfect with any breakfast entre, lunch sandwich or by itself. One taste and you won’t go back to regular bacon again.

Butter Croissant

Bite into our soft, buttery, perfectly flakey, and oh so buttery croissants, and you’ll discover why it’s the star on some of our most popular dishes. Made the traditional way from scratch doughs and rolled with all natural butter for that undeniable classic taste. We simply like to think it’s the best croissant ever, but judge for yourself.

Bold Coffee

We partner with Lavazza to bring you bold, rich and sustainable coffee and espresso drinks. Our coffee bar is busy serving piping hot dark roast coffee, iced caramel lattes and mocha frapessos.

Instagram Ready Plates

Not only do we use freshly prepared ingredients so that our food tastes good, we believe presentation is important too. That’s why we make sure your plate looks as good as it tastes. After all, our food is made with love and all our dishes know they’re one shot away from potential instafamous…unfiltered ofcourse ;). So snap away on your next story or post, our Crushed Avocado Toast in particular loves to show off. Just include #eabake for props.

Cool Digs

Modern industrial vibe meets Parisian bistro. Our cafe is designed with a variety of seating options to be comfortable and inviting. Surround yourself with friends and family, good vibes and of course, the sights and smell of our bakery case!